Viva La Doccia
— Kollektiv Vier2015 more infos

Textile designers Mirjam Huwiler, Johanna Widmer and Eva Zuberbühler have created a range of shower curtains. The collection features distinctive depictions of mountain scenery, primeval forests and underwater worlds, all crafted from fragments of old pictures.

The path to glassmaking
— Jonas Niedermann2015 more infos

Glassmaker Jonas Niedermann showcased his handiwork in “La Tuor” in the village of Samedan. This craft is becoming increasingly scarce, as it is no longer taught in Switzerland. Niedermann’s exhibition of artistic works included intricate one-off pieces, lamps and small production runs.

anna glasses
— Renaud Donadey2014 more infos

The manufacture of spectacles generates a high level of waste: the spectacle frames and the temple are cut from a single sheet and the rest is thrown away. Designer Renaud Donadey has found a solution to this issue. He developed a process in which acetate rods are pressed into spectacle frames using heat and pressure.

Seismonastic Scape
— Paula van Brummelen, Weissensee School of Art2014 more infos

Seismonastic Scape is a interactive surface made from graphite, which is connected to a microcontroller by a conductive fibre. The structure responds to touch and the proximity of receivers with a variety of movements.

6x6 collaboration Grande
— Aurélie Mathieu and Charlotte Sunnen2014-2015 more infos

The project 6x6 aims to enhance the physical properties of marble. Sheets of material are 'sandwiched' between plates of marble, thereby reinforcing the stone. This new technique enables 6 x 6-centimetre marble beams to be cut and used just like wooden battens in the construction of furniture.

FROM design collective
— C. Bizzotto, M. Amaral Netto and T. Nitsche2013-2014 more infos

Cesare Bizzotto, Manuel Amaral Netto and Tobias Nitsche met when studying for their Master's degree at ECAL art school in Lausanne, Switzerland. The three industrial designers consolidated their individual working methods into one collective creative approach. After graduating, they turned freelance and unveiled the prototypes of their debut works at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2014.

— Fanny Agnier2013-2014 more infos

The jewellery collection by Fanny Agnier consists of 10 individual necklaces, each reflecting the characteristics of an international celebrity. Fashion designer Jean Charles De Castelbajac, burlesque dancer Dita von Teese and models Inna Modja and Manish Arora are amongst those honoured with a dedicated piece of jewellery by way of an 'homage'.

Rara Muri
— Flora Fixy2013-2014 more infos

Industrial designer Flora Fixy has been experimenting with new processing technology to create shoes. She has stitched together commercially-available ropes to form a single area, which she has tied to make a sports and leisure shoe. The aim is to serial-produce a small collection.

— Claire de Quénetain, Royal College of Art, London2014 more infos

In her final work before graduation, Claire de Quénetain of the Royal College of Art in London takes gardens in Normandy and English parks in Gloucestershire as her source of inspiration. She has synthesised pictures of landscapes into print templates, using them to create home furnishings that convey the rich colours and diverse shapes of the natural patterns of the interior.

Fondue Caquelon
— Sylvain Aebischer 2012-2014 more infos

The cast-iron Fondue Caquelon by Sylvain Aebischer can be stored away to save space: the handle is unscrewed and put inside the pot with the base frame. He is currently working to bring a more compact and practical set to the market and wants to see it in series production in the near future.

Terrazzo Project
— Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard and Philippe-Albert Lefebvre2011-2013 more infos

Terrazzo is the name of a type of floor that has been around for hundreds of years and incorporates decorative – usually coloured additive materials such as glass – into a cement-bonded composition, producing its characteristic appearance. Industrial designers Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard and Philippe-Albert Lefebvre from Lausanne have taken this material as basis for their own furniture collection.